Standard Study Plan - Examination Achievements

The following information is based on the Examination and Study Regulations for the Bachelor's Degree Program in Computer Science dated 27.09.2017. For planning your studies, please pay particular attention to § 6.

The term Prüfungsleistungen is the generic term for exams and Studienleistungen. The difference between the two is that the module grade is included in the final grade for examinations, whereas it is not included in the final grade for coursework (and thus only has to be assessed with pass/fail).

Type of performance:Prü = Module concludes with an examination SL = Module concludes with a coursecredit.

LP = credit points

Status:P = compulsory moduleWP = compulsory elective module

ModuleStatusPerformance1ST FS2ND FS3RD FS4TH FSper complex total
Complex Computer Science66 LP
Development of Software SystemsPExam8 LP
Electrical and Electronic Fundamentals of Computer SciencePPrü6 LP
Practical course in programmingPSL4 LP
Algorithmizing and ProgrammingPTest10 LP
Digital TechnologyPTest6 LP
Proseminar or practical course*WPSL4 LP
Theoretical Computer SciencePPrü8 LP
Software practical coursePSL8 LP
Operating Systems IPTest8 LP
Digital Technology LabPSL4 LP
Complex Mathematics24 LP
Mathematics IT-1(Discrete Mathematics)PPrü8 LP
Mathematics IT-2 (Lin. Algebra)PP.E.8 LP
Mathematics IT-3 (Analysis)PP.E.8 LP
Complex minor**24 LP
Interdisciplinary studiesWPPrü6 LP
Application subjectWPPrü6 LP6 LP
Module from the field of Practical Mathematics***WPPrü6 LP
and 1 module from a complex of the subject studiesWPPrü6 LP
Total:32 LP28 LP30 LP24 + 6 LP114 + 6 LP

* Possible modules see in the information portal teaching.

** If up to 6 LP more than required are acquired in the complex "minor subject" due to unsuitable module sizes, correspondingly fewer must be achieved in the elective complexes of the subsequent subject study.

*** Since the offer for the elective subject Practical Mathematics changes semester by semester, the Study Commission regularly updates the catalog of modules which can be chosen. The currently possible modules can be found in the information portal Teaching.

Professional studies

ModuleStatusLeistungLP's SemesterSumme
Informatik (Niveaustufe 300, bis zu 16 LP aus Niveaustufe 400)
Komplex Grundlagen der InformatikWPPrü610 - 2410 - 30
Komplex Praktische InformatikWPPrü10 - 24 10 - 30
Komplex Angewandte und Technische InformatikWPPrü10 - 2410 - 30
Seminar or Praktikum*WPEN44
Summe Fachstudium:66066