(only the original publication is cited)

Multi-Stage Fully Differential Amplifier with Controlled Common Mode Voltage

Dirk Killat
US8531238 B2, H03F 1/02, Sep. 2013

Tracking analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with a self-controlled variable clock

Dirk Killat; Yan Huang
US201113068435 20110511

Switching converter having a plurality N of outputs providing N output signals and at least one inductor and method for controlling such a switching converter;

Weiwei Xu; Zhiliang Hong; Dirk Killat;
US2011068757  (A1, Application) ― 2011-03-24; G05F1/10 (int. class.)

Voltage to current converter

Dirk Killat
US: 2007229161; H03F3/45

Differential gain stage for low voltage supply

Dirk Killat
H03F3/45; H03F3/45
US: 7109794 (B2) 2006 September 19.

Sigma-delta modulator

Dirk Killat, Andreas Adler
US: 7250886B1; H03M 3/00; 2006 July 31
EP:1837996; H03M3/02

Comparator with high-voltage inputs in an extended CMOS process for higher voltage levels

Rainer Krenzke; Dirk Killat
EC:  IPC: H03K5/24; G01R19/165;
US: 6788114: 2004 Sep 7;  EP1492232: 2004 Dec 29.

Floating gate programmable cell array for standard CMOS

Dirk Killat
EC:  IPC: G11C11/34;
US: 6704221: 2004 March 9.

High voltage push-pull driver on standard CMOS

Dirk Killat
EC:  H03K17/10B; H03K19/003C IPC: H03K5/08;
US6573752: 2003 June 3; EP1326337 B1.

Digital regulation of fluorescent lamps

Dirk Killat
EC:  H05B41/392D; H05B41/392D6 IPC: G05F1/00;
US6573666: 2003 Jun 03; EP1326337 A1.

Converter with inductor and digital controlled timing

Dirk Killat
EC:  H02M3/157 IPC: H02M1/00; H02M3/157;
US6448745: 2002 Sep 10; EP1324476: 2003 July 02.

Output driving circuit

Dirk Killat; Ordwin Haase
EC: IPC: H03K19/003; H03K17/16;
US6362667: 2002 March 26;  CN1314027: 2001 Sep 19;  DE59907654D: 2003 Dec 11.

Driving Circuit

Dirk Killat, Heinz Werker
EC:  H03K19/003C; H03K19/0175B2; IPC: H03K19/0944; H03K19/0175;
EP1099308: 2001 May 16.

Circuit for voltage monitoring and for generating a reset signal

Dr. Dirk Killat
EC:  G06F1/24 IPC: G06F1/24
EP0999493: 2000 May 10.

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