SMART Capital Region

The SMART Capital Region project demonstrates how surplus renewable energy from Brandenburg can be used in the capital city. To this end, data from various energy providers, storages and consumers from all over Berlin and Brandenburg are being collected and evaluated. In the "Visitor Center Smart Grids" (BIENe), which is situated on the central campus of the university, the data are presented. In this way real situations can be represented and the questions of 'how', 'where' and 'when' surpluses occur, and which controllable electrical loads could be supplied, can be answered.

The goal is to balance electrical energy generation and consumption and to cover the demand to the greatest degree possbile with feed-ins coming from regenerative sources. Therefore, different model systems have been installed on campus and are interlinked in terms of communication and controlling. There the future of energy supply, the 'Smart Grid', can be researched and experienced.