Bachelor program in civil engineering

(PSO 2022 and PSO 2017)

In the bachelor's program in civil engineering, the focus is on learning hand calculation methods with the aim of being able to perform simple control calculations and to get an intiutive feeling for load transfer. At this early stage, various simple calculation programs are already applied, both to check one's own calculations and to deepen the "static feeling". After the classical hand calculation methods, computer-oriented methods of structural analysis are taught. This allows an initial acquaintance with and understanding of the stumbling blocks of computer-aided structural design. The modules offered in the bachelor's program in civil engineering are

lay the necessary foundations for a later career in civil engineering. The teaching activities of the Department of Statics and Dynamics are complemented by the participation in the following modules

In the projects, the methods learned are applied to practical problems. The direct application of the structural engineering methods increases the motivation of the students, and at the same time improves the practical suitability of the graduates.