Cut-outs - Cottbus

An exhibition by Hanne Sommer - architect, academic assistant at the chair of Fine Arts at BTU

The exhibition shows ten paper cut-outs of Cottbus buildings and other motifs, created by cutting out paper. The motifs are not drawn, but appear by cutting out material, in this case by removing the (window and door) openings.
The paper cut-outs are chosen in such a way that a three-dimensional motif is lifted out of the paper surface in the eye of the viewer. This creates spatial-looking objects that emerge from the sheet by forming shadows.
It is a play of presence and absence, of light and shadow, a play of the boundaries between two- and three-dimensionality, between surface and depth. The motifs chosen are buildings and objects of personal significance to Hanne Sommer in the city of Cottbus; some buildings are also striking motifs of the city and its history

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The exhibition can be visited during the opening hours of Cottbus University Library.

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