Standards and technical rules

Your search for ...

... DIN (German standards), VDE

Current German Standards (DIN) are available in full-text within the database Perinorm. Strict copyright regulations apply to standards. BTU staff and students are entitled to print out and download standards for their own scientific use only. External users are allowed to search within the database and read the full-text on the screen.

We held withdrawn DIN standards pre-6/2004 in print form → order form.

DIN drafts are available after free registration at Norm-Entwurfs-Portal.

You can search for and read VDE standards (also DIN VDE) in the database VDE-NormenBibliothek.

DIN supports the integration of standardization in higher education (see DIN, German broschure).

... VDI-Guidelines

Current VDI-Guidelines are available in Perinorm.

We held withdrawn VDI-Guidelines pre-12/2008 in print form → order form.

... ISO Standards

Perinorm allows searches of ISO standards, but doesn't provide full text of these with the exception of DIN ISO or DIN EN ISO standards.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please go to University library TU Berlin (library card for external users).

... IEEE standards

They are available in IEEE Xplore (BTU's campus network or VPN).

... DWA, ATV

Look for current DWA-A, DWA-M, ATV-M, ATV-A, ATV-DVWK in DWA-Regelwerk. Please read "Hinweise"!

To search for former editions use our library catalogue (search for title keywords).

... FGSV

Current FGSV are contained in Straßenbau von A-Z.

To search for withdrawn FGSV use our library catalogue (search for title keywords).

... TGL, ST-RGW, GDR construction catalogues

Search in BBSR archive for technical regulations (a lot of freely accessible PDF-files). Some digital copies were contributed by our library.

The German National Library has also been digitising its TGL since 2018 (search in the DNB catalogue for TGL ????, no titles included).

We also have a wide range of holding of TGLorder form for our users.

Many directories of construction components of the GDR are digitized by BBSR. Our holdings (in-library use only) can be found in the library catalogue (search for title keywords). Click for an order from the stacks on the "order".

Look regarding historical standards in our list of other providers.

... further standards and data sheets
... technical regulations for a specific subject

The electronic database Perinorm contains national and international standards, technical guidelines and European legislation. Full-text is available for DIN standards (with exception of DIN VDE) and VDI Guidelines. Find out e.g. status, scope and references.

Hints for external users

  • inter-library loan is not permitted for standards
  • read terms of use for DIN → Normen-Infopoints in Germany (map)
  • our TGL, ST-RGW: please ask the inter-library loan of your next library, we will deliver a copy to this library (check the digitized BBSR-archiv in advance)


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