Compressor aerodynamics and engine strength calculation

Module description:
Module number: 13386
Offer rotation every winter semester
Credit points: 6

Examination performance:
In the first course, it will be announced whether the examination is to be performed in written or oral form.

Learning goals:
After participating in the module, the students have in-depth knowledge that is required for the performance analysis of compressors and various aerodynamic phenomena. They are able to design a compressor for propulsion applications as well as analyze the existing ones and use the existing method to design the compressors for other interdisciplinary applications.

Learning content:

Sub-area aerodynamic compressor design:

Overview, introduction to the design process,
Cycle process requirements and map,
Two-dimensional theory of compressor stage and planar compressor cascade,
three-dimensional flow phenomena,
operational limits
Sub-area engine strength calculation:
overall engine model + statics; overall engine model + dynamics; Design of static components; design of rotating components; strength and vibration analysis of blades; Strength assessment in service

Thomas Gietel, Stefan Kazula