Exercise for Aero Engine Design

Module description:

Module number: 11366

Offered every summer semester
Credit Points: 6


As a groupwork, you develop a component design and design and analysis reports. 50% of designs (review of the draft) and 50% of the reports create your grade.

Learning goals:

The students will learn within an ‘integrated product team (IPT)’ of about 4-5 people how to develop a component which complies with the requirements established before. The working methods, the way how to communicate and the organisational structure of such a team will be learned and trained on the basis of a concrete aero-engine related project. Working in integrated teams is the common method in the industry; students will therefore be prepared for this working environment.

Learning Content:

Tasks and structure of an ‘integrated product team (IPT)’, principles of project management, analysis of the task and set-up of a requirements document, risk management, establishment of criteria to select a product, dimensioning of the product using various analysis methods (finite element methods for thermal and structural analysis, CFD methods for simple flow-analyses), design with CAD program (Pro-Engineer), cost and weight analysis, set-up of validation requirements and instrumentation, writing of design- and analyses reports, presentation of the results.

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