Introduction to Engineering Design

Module description

Module number: 36102

Offered every summer semester
Credit Points: 6


  • written exam (120 minutes) at the end of semester which must be passed with a minimum grade 4.0
  • voluntary: 4 e-learning modules and 5 technical drawings

The module grade is 100% of the grade for the written examination; 5% point bonus for at least 3 successful e-learning modules and at least 4 successful technical drawings is possible. The 5% point bonus is only available for the first examiniation in the current semester and not for repeated examinations.

Learning goals:

The students learn to read and create engineering drawings. Furthermore they learn the necessary fundamentals and calculations of basic machine elements.

Course content:

  • Fundamentals of technical drawing,
  • tolerances and fits,
  • calculation and dimensioning,
  • materials of construction and their strength,
  • stress and production-oriented design of machine eleemnts,
  • bolts and pins,
  • axles and shafts,
  • rolling- and sliding bearings,
  • shaft-hub-connection

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