Bachelor Thesis (Mandatory Module B34)

The Bachelor thesis is written during the 6th semester. The workload for the theses is equivalent to 360 hours of work.

The candidate shall provide evidence that he or she is able to recognize a problem involved in the respective subject and locate a solution thereof in a limited period of time and with defined means of help. He or she shall prove that he or she identifies the context of the field under examination, is able to place specific problems in context and master common methodology of the subject. The Bachelor thesis is a part of the examination by way of which the student shall prove that he or she is able to handle a particular task under guidance, working independently and successfully and can provide practical insights into the solution of the thesis' problem.

The Bachelor thesis can be practical as well as theoretical. It should relate the advanced standard of knowledge in the scientific field and normally deal with potential problems in the working life. The Bachelor thesis consists of the written work and its defence.