Course Description ERM B.Sc

The course of study "Environmental and Resource Management" offers an integrated approach towards current environmental issues. Recognising that those issues can no longer be solved by a singular discipline, the course combines the knowledge of several closely related fields. The choice and combination of subjects was strongly influenced by the issues of the Agenda 21.

Classes in fundamental technical subjects are offered as well as classes in natural sciences, sociology and economics. Starting from this basis more specific courses deal with current environmental issues, such as techniques for resource protection, concepts in environmental planning and risk or impact assessment but also with socioeconomic implications. The acquisition of management skills and social competence is therefore valued as highly as the necessary technical and scientific knowlegde.

The course comprises a Bachelor's and a Master's programme which can be studied conse-cutively but also independently. While the Bachelor's programme offers a broad approach to the subject, the Master's programme leaves more room to the individual fields of interest of the student and her/his academic background. Here a major field of study has to be chosen where the final Master's thesis will be completed.

The PhD programme in Environmental and Resource Management can be studied consequently following the Master programme.

The Bachelor and the Master courses are organized into modular interdisciplinary units. During the Bachelor programme a semester abroad is mandatory. For this purpose compatible classes are offered by the partner universities of the course of study "Environmental and Resource Management ERM".

Programme Survey

  • Study period: six semesters (three years)
  • Study start: winter semester
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Subdivision into 19 mandatory modules and 4 compulsory elective modules
  • Collection of 180 credits
  • One mandatory semester abroad
  • Excursions as parts of certain modules
  • Bachelor thesis