How to apply

All about the application for Master's study program Environmental and Resource Management you can find here.

Applications during the Corona Outbreak

In light of the Corona virus outbreak and the resulting restrictions, we wish to highlight the following exemptions in the application process which may be particularly helpful at this time:

  • You can apply even if you do not have the required English language test results yet, but are registered for a test. Please find the details on page 2 of this handout.
  • If you do not have your graduation documents yet, you can apply by submitting your current transcript of records instead. If you are admitted to the programme, you will then be required to submit your graduation documents upon enrolment.
  • Our university no longer requires certified copies. Just upload simple scans of your documents in the online application process.
  • You do not need to send any documents to uni assist or to our university by post or by courier. You only need to complete the online application process.
  • Our university offers deferment for up to two years. If you are granted admission, but are unable to join us in the winter semester 2021, you will be welcome to join us in the winter semester 2022 or 2023 instead. (Deferment is offered on the condition that this study programme continues to be offered at our university and continues to be authorized by the Ministry of Education of the state of Brandenburg.)
  • All online applications that are submitted and complete by the application deadline will be considered for eligibility. The uni assist pre-check does not have to be complete before the deadline. So there is no need to calculate the uni assist processing times into your preparations.

The application deadline for applicants with a foreign degree who do not require a student visa to study in Germany or who already have a residence permit for Germany has been extended to 15 August 2020. The application deadline for applicants with a foreign degree who need a visa will not be extended.

New examination regulations from winter semester 2021/22! Three different specializations can be selected

The basic admission requirement for the Master's program is a degree (at least a Bachelor's degree) whose course content demonstrates sufficient basic knowledge in several of the subject areas of natural sciences, environmental sciences, engineering sciences or socioeconomics. The criterion for determining the specialized qualification is a sufficient number of relevant completed modules for the chosen specialization:

- Environmental Sciences (e.g., biology, ecology, soil science, climatology, agronomy, forestry, water resources management, hydrology, geology)

- Environmental Economics, Planning and Law (e.g. environmental economics, environmental law, environmental planning, agricultural economics, environmental management, environmental policy, development economics, environmental governance)

- Environmental Engineering (e.g. environmental engineering, process and plant engineering, treatment engineering, recycling management, hydro engineering, water engineering, wastewater and irrigation engineering, biotechnologies)

as well as the module contents of the Bachelor's program ERM (for all fields of study). Please apply for the specialization that best fits your bachelor's degree and interests. If you are unsure, you can apply for more than one specialization.