During the three-year programme, PhD students shall be able to write their doctoral thesis and complete a mandatory curriculum. The curriculum consists of five modules (30 ECTS) which focus on fostering research skills as well as transferable skills needed to build a professional career in academia. Every module as well as the doctoral thesis (120 ECTS) and the oral examination (30 ECTS) will be graded individually.

All lectures and seminars are a mandatory part of the programme. Therefore, it is necessary that the PhD students are present at the university during the lecture periods (April to July and October to February).

The language of instruction, research and examination is English.

Status Seminar Heritage Studies: Progress Reports PhD Thesis2 2 2 6
Theories and Methods33    6
Essentials of Grant Proposal Writing
(Part 1 starts in winter semester)
  33  6
PhD Thesis Writing Skills
(Part 1 starts in winter semester)
  33  6
Research ColloquiumChosen in consultation with the supervisor6
PhD thesis and oral examination  150

The BTU Graduate Research School is offering an additional qualification programme for all doctoral candidates at BTU on networking, subject-related qualification, scientific techniques and transferrable skills training.