Study Organization

The curriculum is shown under Curriculum / Modules in Appendix 1.

The Degree Programme offers extensive freedom of choice with recommendations for suitable module combinations to achieve a subject specialization.

The Degree Programme consists of

  • the elective modules in the area of subject specialization amounting to 36 CP (Curriculum / Modules, Appendix 2),
  • the elective modules in the area of subject-specific studies amounting to 42 CP (Curriculum / Modules, Appendix 3)
  • the project studies with 6 CP,
  • the interdisciplinary studies (FÜS) with 6 CP,
  • a compulsory internship with 12 CP,
  • the Master's thesis with 18 CP.

It is recommended to choose modules from one of the two major fields in the area of subject-specific studies

  • Engine Technology
  • Electric Drive Technology

to the extent of 42 LP. If 42 CP from one major field have been completed and passed, this major field will be shown on the Certificate of Completion. A cross-major field selection of modules is possible, but only the major fields that have been passed will be listed on the Certificate of Completion. The standard study plan shown under Curriculum / Modules in Appendix 4 provides a recommendation for the timetable of the Degree Programme when commencing the Degree Programme in the Winter semester.

The range of elective modules can be adjusted on a semester-by-semester basis if required, provided that the standard period of study is adhered to in any case. The Programme management must file notifications on deviations in the compulsory electives with the administration (Campus Management System Process Support) one month before the start of the semester.

A compulsory internship of at least eight weeks must be completed as part of the Degree Programme. Further details on the requirements of the internship are listed under Curriculum / Modules in Appendix 5.

Each student chooses a mentor during their studies. Eligible mentors are assigned to each year group from among the teaching staff. A change of mentor should only take place in justified cases. Within the first three weeks of the first semester, each student draws up a binding individual study plan for his or her intended further course of study. The study plan and any changes during the course of study must be discussed with the mentor and confirmed by the mentor. The confirmed study plan must then be filed with the Registrar's Office by the end of the first semester at the latest.

Mobility windows for completing a period of study abroad are available either after the first or after the third semester, depending on the progress of studies and adherence to the standard curriculum. Students are advised to make use of individual subject-specific study advice on how to organize their stay abroad.