Research-oriented Computer Science
Concentrated Master's student in computer science, fuzzy program code in the background
Master of Science (M.Sc.)


The two-year study programme leads to a second professional qualification with the degree Master of Science (M.Sc.).

Building on the solid skills and knowledge gained in the bachelor’s programme, the Master’s course enables students to carry out scientific work, critically classify scientific findings, and to give their own significant contributions to research and development. Students will be prepared to take on challenging work in the field of computer science. Particular emphasis is placed on the ability to become familiar with issues of new applications and for systematic analysis, formal modelling and validation of information-processing processes.

The orientation to scientific methods provides adequate preparation for the requirements of an ever-changing job market.

Informatik Absolvent Thomas Prescher beim Vortrag zur Sicherheitslücke Meltdown

Mein Professor hat unheimlich großen Einfluss darauf genommen, wie ich heute an Sachen herangehe, dass ich sie komplett verstehen will und eine Problemstellung im vollem Umfang erfassen will.

Thomas Prescher, ist Software Architekt in der eigenen Firma Cyberus Technology. In 2017 war er an der Entdeckung einer der gravierendsten IT-Sicherheitslücken der letzten Jahrzehnte (Meltdown, Spectre) beteiligt.

Professional Fields of Activity

  • Research and development of hardware and software
  • Microprocessor and chip design
  • Development and testing of control systems, such as in the aerospace or automotive industries
  • Communication systems and network security
  • Organization and implementation of IT projects
  • Quality Assurance in Information Technology, Software Analysis
  • Consulting and system consultancy

Applications and Admissions

Admissions Requirements

Bachelor's degree in computer science or a comparable degree The training in theoretical, practical, applied and technical computer science and mathematics must be comparable to one of the computer science programmes of the BTU

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