Detailed Information

Computer science is a science that deals with the systematic description, analysis and design of information-processing processes (i.e. processes for transforming or transporting information). It is a comparatively young field that covers a wide range of aspects. These range from the technical aspects of building computers, developing system and application software, and devising application solutions to the social aspects of the impact of computers or computerization and medialization on society.

A successful study of computer science requires the ability to work in a mathematically formal, abstract, as well as an application-oriented practical way. The applicant should be interested in working with computer hardware and software. Good knowledge of the English language proves to be indispensable in the course of the study of computer science, since a large part of the technical literature (textbooks, journals, technical documentation, ...) is only available in English. The work of a computer scientist often takes place in the context of larger groups. Therefore, the willingness and ability to work in a team should be present.