Study Prognosis

The Foreigners’ Office may request an official study prognosis when you apply for an extension of your student visa.

This includes:

  • A statement showing sufficient study progress
  • An assessment of the potential time needed to complete your studies
  • Information about your current performance level

After a full evaluation of the circumstances, including your study prognosis, the Foreigners’ Office will decide whether or not to extend your visa, and for how long. 

Where and how do I request a study prognosis?

For students at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg  the study prognosis is prepared by the International Relations Office. Please contact Ms. Kossack (Central Campus and Campus Sachsendorf) or Mrs. Ivanov (Campus Senftenberg) during office hours. 

Please bring with you the following documents:

  • Completed form Antrag_Studienprognose
  • Current transcript of records (Please check to make sure that all of your grades / examinations have been entered into the system!)
  • Copy of your passport and residence permit (including the supplementary sheet)

Processing takes approximately one week, so please come to the International Relations Office well in advance of your appointment with the Foreigners’ Office.