During your studies

Surroundings and Meeting People
We offer excursions, festivals and language tandems. Whether language learning, getting to know people or buddies, everything is included!
Student Activities
BTU Buddy Programme
University Life

All about the studies
Everything relevant for everyday student life so that it runs smoothly.
Admissions & Registrar's Office
Study Course Catalogue
Language Centre

Study help and counselling
Sometimes not everything works out.
Academic Advice (in German!)
Help and Counselling in difficult situations (in German!)
Study Prognosis
Code of Conduct

All about working while studying
Offers and Information about working while studying and entry into the German work market and worldwide
Work while Studying
Ready for the Labour Market
Entering the Job market

Scholarships & Awards
Every year the BTU awards several prices and scholarships
University and Funders Prize (in German!)