During the sports activities offered during a regular attendance period at the university, students and employees of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg are insured against accidents within the framework of university sports through the Brandenburg Accident Insurance Fund (for details see the following information).

In the current corona crisis, there will only be a few online sports offerings to participate in. Participation in this form of sport is not covered by accident insurance for BTU members. Please arrange for private accident insurance.

Guests (external students, alumni, and students from other universities) and free play groups are not insured in principle, neither in attendance nor in online offerings, and are therefore responsible for their own insurance coverage.

Students of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

In accordance with the regulations of the Unfallkasse Brandenburg and on the basis of the Social Security Code VIII, "Students during training and further education at universities" are insured against accidents at work.

The optional participation of students in general university sports is considered insured if the following conditions are met:

  • The sports offered must have the character of official university events.
  • General university sport must be organized by the university itself or by a university-related institution.
  • The sport must be practiced within the official practice schedule, i.e. during the set times and under the supervision of an appointed  instructor.
  • The participant must have duly registered; i.e. no insurance coverage without registration.

The BTU sports program meets the above-mentioned conditions.

However, the following are expressly excluded:

  •  in the current Corona crisis, any form of online sports
  •  free sporting activities outside of organized practice and competitive sports in university and other sports clubs
  •  competitive sports with other universities (except cooperating universities)
  •  Workshops
  •  mental sports
  •  Events that are not carried out by BTU-Sport itself, but are brokered to other providers (e.g. golf, sports trips)
Students of other universities

Students of other universities are not insured.

BTU employees

Workers and salaried employees are protected against such accidents that are causally related to the employment or service relationship. In case of sports accidents of civil servants, the employer has to check whether it is a service accident in the sense of the state civil service law. In order to be recognized, it is a prerequisite that the exercise of sport is expressly declared necessary for official purposes by the official's superior. Sporting activities in the sense of a compensatory sport are only insured against accidents if it is a "company sport".

According to the case law of the Federal Social Court, company sport has the following characteristics:

  •  It must serve to compensate for physical, mental or nervous stress caused by the professional activity.
  •  It must be practiced with a certain regularity.   
  •  The circle of participants must be essentially limited to the employment of the organizing company.   
  •  The practice times and their duration must be related to the company's business activity in order to serve the purpose of compensation. 
  •  It must take place within the framework of a company-related organization and be organized for a specific purpose by the latter or a person authorized by it.

The following elements are not or only with difficulty compatible with this definition:

  •  Competitive activity, also within the framework of company sports clubs, and training geared to this.
  •  Sports activities that are clearly contrary to the balancing function.
  •  Mere exploitation of the company's sporting leisure facilities.
  •  Sporting activities on non-working days or even long after the end of working hours.

As long as no more generous regulations apply, sportsmen and women should, in their own interest, observe the above criteria. The employer, i.e. the university president, must check in each individual case whether participation in the ZEH program is to be regarded as company sport for the employee concerned.

BTU employees use the yellow accident report form available from the responsible personnel department.