Information on competitive sports

University sport offers an extensive competition program at the local, regional and national level.


Various university tournaments take place here on a regular basis, especially in ball sports and also individual competitions (climbing, duathlon, skating). Exact dates and conditions of participation can be found in the "News" section.


If interested, participation in Brandenburg State Championships is possible here, as well as in tournaments, nationwide open invitational competitions of other Brandenburg universities and colleges, but also in running events in the region.


For members of the university who are ambitious in competitive sports, the General German University Sports Association (ADH) offers more than 50 competitive events in more than 30 sports nationwide every year.
There are different competition formats: German University Championships and German University Cups, adh-Open and adh-Trophy.

All students and employees of our university are eligible to participate in the Adh and Brandenburg competitions.

ATTENTION! Those interested in participating in these competitions should contact the director of the ZEH.