Registration and participation conditions

Participation conditions
Members of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and interested parties from the Cottbus and Senftenberg region are entitled to participate in the events of this programme.
Registration is mandatory for all courses.
Registration for the semester takes place on the first Monday of the respective lecture period at 8 am.
At the request of the course instructor, proof of registration, the deposit slip or bank statement must be presented.

Instructions for participants

Instructions for course instructors

Registration is only possible online under ‘course programme’.
After completing the online form, the registration confirmation is displayed and sent to the participant via email.
The registration confirmation must be printed out by the participant and shall state the payment mode for the course fee, the course number and the name of the course participant in the intended purpose field.
The course fee must be deposited in the bank account provided within 4 working days. Otherwise, the entitlement to the booked course shall expire.
The reservation of the booked place shall lapse after 14 days.

It is possible to register for the waiting list for courses that are booked out. New registration shall follow in the case of vacant spaces. The information is sent by email.

All sports courses are subject to fees.
According to the scale of fees, the following costs are to be paid per course and per semester:

Students of BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, apprentices, pupils: €10
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg staff members, senior citizens, guest students, BTU senior citizens: €20
External parties: €50
Swimming and other sports types have separate costs.
It is generally not possible to refund the fees paid.
Should a course be cancelled as a result of too little participants, the fee will be refunded.
In principle, exceptions are only decided by the Central department University Sports, the central institution.

The voluntary participation of students in general university sports is deemed to be insured if the following conditions are fulfilled:

The sports course at the university must have the status of an official university sports event.
General university sports must be realised by the university itself or by a higher education institution.
The practice of sports must take place within the organised practice, i.e. during the fixed times and under the direction of an appointed trainer.

For BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg staff members, a sports accident is deemed to be an industrial accident and is therefore insured if the sporting activity takes place within the framework of a company sports group. To find out whether the desired sports offer meets this requirement, please contact Central department University Sports.

Civil servants are generally subject to special accident insurance rules stipulated by civil service accident regulations;

Partaking in voluntary sporting activities outside the organised practice on the university sports facilities is not insured, as is the practice of competitive sports in university and other sports clubs.

Furthermore, participation in events organised by cooperating institutions is not insured. Those not affiliated with the university must be privately insured.

The university shall accept no liability for theft and damage to persons or objects. All sports accidents must be reported to the Central department University Sports within 3 days and an accident report form must be completed.