EUNICE European exchange and intercultural experience without solid language skills? Impossible!

The BTU Language Center is actively involved in the establishment of the European University EUNICE (European UNIversity for Customised Education) with the participation of seven universities from Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and us in Germany.

As part of the EUNICE funding from the EU, the Language Center is involved in the development of an online German taster course and an online tandem course. Both  will be made available to students at all seven universities starting in the winter semester 2022/23.

Contact person: Kristina Klug

As part of the DAAD project 2021-2023 "EUNICE Topping Up", BTU is taking on a leading role in the networking of all participating language centers and language teachers. The heads of the language centers are in regular contact with each other. A cross-university online meeting of all language teachers is planned for September 2022. The DAAD supports visits by BTU language teachers to partner universities to get to know each other and to develop joint projects.

Contact person: Katja Brachmann

Further information about the project can be found on the information page of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.