Application for Bachelor's study programmes with foreign higher education entrance qualification

When applying to study at the BTU, please be aware that there are study programmes with and without admission limits (numerus clausus (NC)). Which application modalities apply depends on the chosen study programme.

Deadlines for applications for the Winter Semester 2024/2025:

Bachelor's study programme without admission restriction*:15th July 2024

*Extended for applicants with EU/EEA citizenship until 15th August 2024.
Further deadlines can be found in the schedule.

1. What requirements do I need to fulfil?
  • Foreign higher education entrance qualification that corresponds to a German higher education entrance qualification
  • Equivalency is verified by UNI-ASSIST e.V. in Berlin; Information on the equivalency of your higher education entrance qualification can also be found in the ANABIN Database

Additionally for English language study programmes:

  • TOEFL Test (iBT) with a score of at least 79 points OR equivalent,
  • such as proof of language skills according to the Enrolment Regulations and subject-specific Examination and Study Regulations

Additionally for German language study programmes:

  • Level 2 of the German language university entrance exam for foreign students (DSH) or an equivalent (e.g. TestDaF 4x4, DSD 2)
  • Admission requirement for the DSH language course in the framework of the BTU’s „Bridge to Studies“: B1 certificate 

The BTU Prep Year Programme Bridge to Studies is offered only for the winter semester.

2. Where and how do I apply?

From 1st March, 2024 prospective students with foreign higher education entrance qualification can apply for the Winter semester 2024/25

Please do not forget the transfer of the processing fee to UNI-ASSIST!

3. What documents do I need to submit with my application?
  • If applicable - study programme supporting documents or evidence
  • Copy of the higher education entrance qualification to be scanned in and uploaded on to My assist (If the original is not in German or English, then we need in addition a translation to German or English from a sworn translator.) Depending on the type of entrance qualification and country of origin, possible types of higher education entrance qualifications may include:
    - Secondary education completion certificate(s)
    - Results of the university entrance assessment test
    - Transcript of academic performances from 1-2 years of university studies
    - Other certificates relevant to the higher education entrance qualification
  • Copy of passport/official personal identification
  • Copy of a valid residence permit for Germany, if available
  • Up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • Underage applicants:
    Letter of consent to study from the parents
  • Proof of German language skills - does not apply to applicants from countries where German is the first official language
  • English language study programmes:
    Proof of English language skills – applicants with a higher education entrance qualification from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Great Britain incl. Northern Ireland or the United States of America do not have to submit a separate proof of English language skills
  • For changing universities within Germany: Certificate of removal from the register of students (submit at the latest upon enrolment) and certificate of non-objection (proof of right to take examinations)
4. What happen next in the application process?

Please note that a preliminary examination of your application documents is first carried out by UNI-ASSIST, which can take 3-4 weeks. After receiving the application documents at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, you will gain access to myBTU. You will receive your user data by e-mail. In the myBTU portal you can do the following things:

In general, you have to expect at least another 3-4 weeks processing time. Therefore we recommend you to apply in time. For study programmes that participate in the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure of the Foundation for University Admissions (, places will be allocated at a later date.  

The creation of notices is carried out entirely by automatic devices. A notice made available for retrieval shall be deemed to have been notified on the third day after dispatch of the electronic notification that the data have been made available. For study programmes that participate in the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure of the Foundation for University Admissions (
- The letter of admission can be retrieved from the myBTU portal.
- The letter of rejection, exclusion or deferral is made available or sent via the portal of the Foundation for University Admissions (

To verify your notification, enter the verification number and press the button. If the number is valid, you will receive the notification as a download for comparison.

More Information about the enrolment can be found on the application of enrolment, which you can print out at the end of the online enrolment and upload it together with the documents relevant for enrolment to the myBTU portal or submit it to the Welcome and Registration Point.

5. Video tutorials for myBTU

The video tutorials are designed to illustrate the steps from retrieving your letter of admission to applying for enrolment via myBTU.

- View notification on the myBTU portal
- Submit enrolment application on the myBTU portal

If you have any questions afterwards, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone:

T +49 (0)355 69 2105