Content Profile and Objectives

The interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary Transformation Studies Degree Programme enables students to understand the complexity of processes of cultural, socio-technical and economic change in societies in their respective environments, to investigate them scientifically, to accompany them and to actively shape them within the framework of independently implemented research and development or consulting projects. The Degree Programme is intended to prepare students for a career in a growing and sustainable professional field that deals with complex processes of change in various transformation fields, for example in the context of structural change in industry, digitalization, climate change and sustainable development, (de)globalization, postmodernism and post-growth, examines developments and/or develops specific solutions and strategies for overcoming crises and challenges. The inter- and transdisciplinary orientation of the Degree Programme enables students to understand the social, economic and technical aspects of transformation processes in their contexts from various scientific and everyday perspectives and to acquire methods for investigating and shaping transformation and transformation processes.

The teaching and qualification objectives include knowledge of science and technology research, social and economic sciences and the legal aspects of transformation as well as inter- and transdisciplinary, communicative, discursive, media and ethical skills. In terms of transformative learning, students shall be taught to think responsibly and critically. Personal skills such as critical judgement and rational argumentation as well as intercultural and interdisciplinary skills and, in particular, design and transformation knowledge are taught In the context of a professionally qualifying degree. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of methodological skills to enable graduates to analyse contexts and problems, develop solutions and make responsible decisions.

The Master's Degree Programme Transformation Studies is committed to the goal of inter- and transdisciplinarity. Interdisciplinarity can be recognized by the combination of the specialized thematic fields of social sciences, technology, economics and law. Transdisciplinarity results from the application-orientation and social relevance of the topics dealt with as well as from the cooperation with players from practice.

In addition to enhancing their professional expertise, students shall expand their competences in foreign languages and interculturality, in collaboration and teamwork skills as well as in collective problem solving.