Environmental Engineering in Cottbus "That's one of our discoveries!"

In the region surrounding Cottbus, large swaths of eco-destruction and harmoniously restored natural areas often exist side by side. As an industrial region, we have a number of altered landscapes due to our devastating history of air pollution and strip mining. Furthermore, we have a very complex water system. It is for this very reason that the BTU Cottbus feels compelled to promote sustainable solutions and contribute to re-establishing the region's ecosystems by developing new environmental protection technologies.

The first of kind in Germany, the Environmental Engineering programme was successfully launched in 1991. Course content is not limited solely to technological issues but also focuses on imparting scientific, ecological and economic knowledge, in addition to training in environmental management. Our graduates are not only able to develop technical solutions, they also understand the impacts of such solutions and how to adapt them for the special economic and ecological needs of the region.