Established in 2013, the Master Programme of Urban Design - Revitalization of Historic City Districts trains professionals capable of developing creative, design-based and integrated strategies for revitalization of historic cities. This programme is a tripartite cooperation between the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus, Germany, the Cairo University and the Alexandria University in Egypt. 


The aim of the Master Program is to communicate urban rehabilitation and revitalization strategies and concepts for the different situations and challenges of historic city districts, especially of the cities and regions of the involved universities.


The development of historic cities in Europe and the MENA region has been one of the most important challenges for sustainable urban development. A vivid inner city with a historic core shapes the image and the identity of the city and is the catalyst for further developments in the whole town. The benefit of renewal and revitalization of inner city areas is hence never reduced only to the inhabitants and stakeholders of a certain quarter, but extends into the surrounding areas and to the town as a whole. Accordingly, in urban development nothing is more sustainable than a vital inner city. This thesis applies to both shrinking cities in Germany and metropolitan areas in the MENA region. Rehabilitation processes require an integrated approach, realized in the urban form, with guidelines that guarantee stability and continuity for all further development plans.

Highlights of the Programme

Accordingly, the Master Program Urban Design – Revitalization of Historic City Districts emphasises on:

  • Revitalization of historic city districts with an integrated approach toward urban design;
  • Sustainability in the light of social, economic and environmental aspects;
  • Intensive practical experience, development institutions are integrated as permanent partners, complementing academic investigation with practical experience;
  • Building up on the strengths of each partner university;
  • Studying abroad and receiving a double degrees.