Building History and Art History
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


As the only degree programme of its kind in Germany, the Building History and Art History study programme offers a comprehensive practice-oriented introduction to the history and theory of architecture, building and the built environment. In an open, interdisciplinary atmosphere with intensive personal supervision, you will discover the historical development of architecture, art and urban planning from its beginnings to the present day. You will learn to interpret buildings and works of art in their complex cultural, social and technical conditions and to combine this theoretical knowledge with the practical requirements of heritage conservation, architectural education and cultural work. Concrete insights into the challenges of planning and building complement the cultural studies focus.

The Bachelor's degree programme is free of admission. The six-semester programme qualifies students for a Master's degree in Building History and Art History, World Heritage Studies and related disciplines, and provides basic skills for work in the preservation of historical monuments, in museums, exhibitions and publishing, as well as in cultural, media and public relations work in general.

Professional Fields of Activity

  • Historic preservation
  • Architecture education
  • Museum, exhibition and publishing business
  • Culture, media and public relations
  • Tourism and adult education
  • Policy advice

Further postgraduate opportunities

Applications and Admissions

Admissions Requirements

Higher education entrance qualification

  • General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur)
  • Subject-related higher education entrance qualification
  • Advanced technical college entrance qualification (Fachabitur)
  • Higher education degree qualifying for entry into a profession
  • Master Craftmanship
  • Early school leaving certificate and suitable vocational training with at least two years' work experience
  • A comparable higher education entrance qualification
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