Virtual Interdisciplinary Design of Aero Engines with integrative Methods (VITIV)
Duration: 2014-2020
Partner: EFRE Project

Engine Module Validators (ENOVAL)
Duration: 2013-2017
Partner: in an EU Project

Automated Simulation Systems and Methods for Optimization of High Performance Gearboxes (ASIMOV)
Duration: 2015-2017
Partner: Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd. & Co KG

Noise-absorbing Composite Structures (LAKS)
Duration: 2016-2017
Partners: DLR, TU Dresden, Frauenhofer PYCO

Surface Heat Exchanger For Aero Engines (SHEFAE 2)
Partner: Rolls-Royce UK Ltd. & Co KG, PAULSTRA SNC (France), SPP (Japan), University of Tokyo (Japan)