In the field of research, the chair is concerned with various questions of design development, design planning and the optimized sequence of such processes, as well as with the design of new concepts. Special importance is attached to the fact that the economic aspects such as component- and maintenance costs are considered straight from the beginning. Furthermore safety and reliability aspects, which are especially in aviation a high demanding task, are involved in the design process. System engineering supported by modern analysing programs (FEM, CFD, CAD) and optimization routines are used for the design of new concepts or the development of existing components and concepts. The existing expertise in the fields of design, thermal-, strength- and lifing analyes as well as optimization, but also aspects of airworthiness, safety and reliability are used purposefully.

Despite the existing focus on aircraft engines there are synergies that can be transferred to other areas of the 'hot' mechanical engineering. In particular, this concerns methods of a safe and reliable design of components.