Theses at the chair

The denoted courses of the theses are thematic requirements to start the work directly. If the student did not attend these courses, an additional evaluation of literature is necessary. The different topics can be written as bachelor or master thesis in consultation with the supervisor. If you are interested in any thesis, we wil be glad to provide you with detailed information.

There is a guide (German) for writing a thesis at the chair DBIS.
An overview of the finished theses at chair DBIS is available under the following links:

Investigation of the containment problem for images

Within the scope of multimedia retrieval, the containment problem is the test of the membership of parts of an image in other images or image collections. This problem is a big challenge in multimedia retrieval because the semantics of elements in a multimedia document is user- or usage-dependent. The comparision of multimedia documents, especially images, using similarities is based on user-specified parts. Therefore, the similarity computations should be flexibly organized.

In this thesis, different approaches to solve the containment problem should be looked for and analyzed. The main focus lies on the matching process and the integration into the query language CQQL of the chair DBIS. A prototypical implementation of the most suitable approach should demonstrate its effectiveness.

Computation of similarities using non-metric MDS

MDS = multidimensional scaling

External and further theses

External theses (e.g. in cooperation with companies) are possible, but are subject to special requirements.

For more details, please ask Prof. Ingo Schmitt.

For further theses, please ask the particular staff.