Overview of all of the courses offered

Summer semester:

  • Database systems
  • Data warehouses
  • Advanced data models
  • Information retrieval

Winter semester:

  • Database systems
  • Implementation of a databasesystem
  • Foundation of Data Mining
  • Multimedia retrieval

Lecture descriptions

12-3-30 Database systems (WS+SS)

Database management systems manage data of different application in a central database. Emphases are the architecture of data base management systems, ER-Modelling, relational model, relational algebra, SQL, integrity contraints and trigger.

Module description

12-4-47 Data warehouses (SS)

Data is frequently stored redundant in different and distributed system of a company in an inadequate data quality. Analyzing such data should be possible to generate an added value for the company. The course gives an introduction into the architecture and processes of data warehouse systems. Focus is on database aspects including design, modelling, etl-processes, querying and optimization.

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12-3-27 Advanced data models (SS)

For special applications from the areas of manufacturing and science classical relational database modelling based on table structures is not adequate. Alternatively, several new database models and technologies were developed. The course covers SQL:2003, ODMG and XML. Focus is on data modelling and query techniques as well as implementation of behaviour in form of methods. Further focus is on spatial data and queries for geographical information systems.

Module description

12-3-45 Information retrieval (SS)

The goal of information retrieval is the search for text documents. With the growth of the internet this goal has gained much importance. The course introduces several information retrieval models and algorithms. Furthermore, concepts of how to evaluate retrieval results will be discussed.

The content of the course is:

  • Motivation and introduction to the search of textual documents
  • Evaluation of IR systems
  • Vagueness in languages
  • Simple IR models and their implementations
  • Vector Space Model
  • Formats of document management
  • Alternatives to global search
  • Search engines in WWW

Module description

12-5-22 Multimedia retrieval (WS)

Multimedia application often need anadequate management for multimedia objects. A special problem is therefore the search for multimedia objects. Emphases of the course are terms and principles of information retrieval, multimedia information retrieval, feature transformation, distance functions, search algorithms, index structures, query languages.

Module description

12-4-22 Implemtation of a database system (WS)

Database management systems are complex software systems which have to fulfill a variety of requirements. Emphases of the course are the architecture of database systems, storage system (IO architecture, files and blocks, segments and pages, buffer management), access system (storage structures, access paths), data system (database interfaces, algorithms, optimization) and transaction management (transactions, synchronizatiom, logging and recovery).

Module description

12-4-68 Database theory (WS)

First order logic, Herbrand model, datalog, mapping datalog onto relational algebra, fuzzy logic, similarity languages SDC and SA, quantum mechanics and logic, query language CQQL

Module description

12-3-51 Foundations of data mining (SS)

Data mining in databases is a current research and application area in computer science. The main target is to extract relevant information automatically or semi-automatically from giant datasets. This course is a good supplement to the course data warehouses which describes the data preprocessing step before the data mining process.

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