BMBF-Programme 'Research for the Sustainable Development of the Megacities of Tomorrow'

The Balance of Urban Growth and Redevelopment in Ho Chi Minh City. Sustainable Housing Policies for Megacities of Tomorrow

Objectives: The balance of urban growth and redevelopment in HCMC The research team proposes an integrated approach to sustainable development of housing and settlement structures in HCMC. The sustainable provision of housing space has become a key issue for the dynamically growing metropolitan area under constant pressure from migrants as well as from the increasing housing space needs of its existing population. Sustainable housing provision is a multidimensional field of policy (land use, transportation, administrative reform, housing market, monitoring etc.) and comprises different spatial levels of intervention (region, city and neighbourhood). Therefore, the project is organised in six action fields. All of them will contribute to an innovative strategy for sustainable housing aiming at the balance of urban growth and redevelopment in HCMC.

Project Coordination: Prof. Volker Martin, BTU Cottbus - Department of Urban Planning and Spatial Design, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

Funding Institution: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Programme: "Research for the Sustainable Development of the Megacities of Tomorrow"

Action field 6: Monitoring and evaluation of sustainability via an indicator framework
The overall objective of the GIS-based sustainability indicator framework is to promote a better understanding of environmental and social impacts of planned developments in HCMC. A key component is to help ensure that environmental and social aspects are considered at an earlier stage in the planning process than currently takes place. The approach used is to review and identify those core indicators required for analysis, to inventory available information and data sets using existing information systems, and to identify the information and data gaps.

Responsible Institutions:
Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt and Dr. Harry Storch,
BTU Cottbus - Department of Environmental Planning
Bang Anh Tuan, M.A., Vietnam National University - University of Social Sciences and Humanities Ho Chi Minh City - Geographisches Institut

Duration: 07/2005 bis 03/2008


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