Research focus

Quaternary landscape development

  • climate and geomorphodynamcis during the Quaternary
  • soils and sediments as archives of anthropogenic influence on landscapes
  • glacial and periglacial landscapes
  • periglacial slope deposits
  • fluvial systems and alluvial soils

Landscape development during the Holocene

  • human and the enviroment
  • landscape change caused by (pre-)historic landuse
  • anthropogenic versus geogenic factors on geomorphodynamics and soil development


  • geomorphodynmics and soil chemistry
  • soil mechanics and soil structure
  • small scale and initial geomorphodynamics
  • soil compaction and degredation
  • soil contamination by cyanides and heavy metals
  • soil amendments

Methodological approach

Characterization of landscapes and soils with field portable techniques

  • in situ analysis of soils and sediments with field portable XRD, XRF, and NIR
  • near surface prospection with ground penetrating radar, geoeletric, geomagnetic, and seismic
  • remote sensing and photogrammetry with UAV

Laboratory techniques

  • soil chemistry: pH, electrical conductivity, CNS, pedogenic oxides, CEC, XRF, and FTIR
  • soil physics: texture analysis by sieving and sedimentation and x-ray absorption
  • soil mineralogy: XRD clay mineralogy and micromorphology on thin sections

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