The Computer Engineering Group offers topics for theses in the area of integrated circuits, FPGAs, and video communications. For further information, please contact the academic staff directly.

Open Topics

Completely open-source hardware custom GPU

  • Title: Expanding the Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) of a soft-core GPU (FGPU)
  • Type: Master Thesis
  • Supervisor:  M. Eng. Hector Gerardo Munoz Hernandez
  • Description:

    The FGPU is a soft-core GPU running on an FPGA and has a working (but limited) openCL support, which means that not every instruction can be understood by the FGPU. The objective of this project is to modify the custom compiler (LLVM) for the FGPU (a soft-core GPU on an FPGA) in order to add more openCL compatibility.

  • Required skills:
    Basic knowledge of compilers
    - Knowledge in OpenCL, GPUs. (LLVM-experience is a plus)