Lectures schedule

Welcome to the Winter Semester 2022/2023!

The Lectures offered in this semester are:

  • Seminar Computer Engineering (120460) | WiSe 22/23

(please write an email to Hector Munoz)

  • Proseminar Computers and Networks (Technische Informatik) (12344) | WiSe 22/23

(please write an email to Mitko Veleski )

  • Processor Architecture (12976) | WiSe 22/23
  • Dependability and Fault Tolerance (11886) | WiSe 22/23
  • Elektrische und elektronische Grundlagen der Informatik (120410) | WiSe 22/23

For further information about the courses, please write an email to the staff. 

Lecture schedule for Winter semester

1. Block 07:30-9:00  Processor Architecture
PR, VG1C/1.01, Munoz
2. Block 09:15-10:45Elektr./elektron. Gundlagen
VL, Audimax 1, Reichenbach
Elektr./elektron. Grundlagen
VL (A-Woche), ZHG/HS B, Reichenbach

Elektr./elektron. Grundlagen
UE (B-Woche) ZHG/HS B, Berger
Dependability and Fault-tolerence
PR, VG1C/1.01, Veleski
3. Block 11:30-13:00Computers and Networks
PS, HG/0.18, Reichenbach, Veleski
 Dependability and Fault-tolerence
VL, LG1A/304, Vierhaus
4. Block 13:45-15:15Processor Architecture
VL, HG/0.20, Reichenbach
Processor Architecture
VL, HG/3.45, Reichenbach
Dependable HW/SW Systems
OS, VG1C/1.24, Reichenbach
5. Block 15:30-17:00