Materials for energy storage

Coordination of Research Network "PCM Screening" within the 6th Energy Research Program of the Federal Government (BMWi): Systematic studies on the melting and crystallization behavior of phase change materials (PCM) as latent heat storage; Application of thermodynamic modeling to predict the temperature and composition of eutectic mixtures; Use of heat storage for the homogenization of local or temporal temperature gradients and for locally or seasonally differentiated storage of thermal energy.

Materials synthesis near room temperature

Formation and Crystallization of Inorganic Solids and Materials in Syntheses near Room Temperature, Reactions in Ionic Liquids: Element alotropes as well as binary and complex compounds of pnikogenes (P, As, Sb) and chalcogenes (S, Se, Te).

Crystal growth

Investigation of crystallization of inorganic solids by gas phase equilibria; e.g. new materials for energy conversion; binary and complex oxides as well as pnicogen (P, As, Sb) and chalcogen (S, Se, Te) rich inorganic compounds.

Scientific instrument engineering

Coordination of the research network "High Temperature Gas Phase Balance" in the central innovation program for mid-size companies (ZIM): Development and optimization of device components for the high-temperature gas phase balance; construction of the measuring apparatus for determining mass changes of a substance in a closed system without releasing toxic, environmentally harmful, harmful or corrosive gaseous reaction products.

Analysis of phase formation

Experimental verification of pressure and temperature dependent trend of solid-gas-equilibria of phase formation in systems containing volatile components => optimization of conditions for solid state reactions and determination of metastable intermediates.

Identification and characterization

Identification of synthesized substances by diffraction methods, elucidation of structures, physical measurement of material properties.

Thermochemical behavior

Determination of temperature dependent substance and material properties by DTA, DSC, TGA, measurement of total pressure and mass spectrometry; determination of melting behavior, crystallization, glass formation, evaporation or thermal decomposition of elements, inorganic compounds, ionic liquids, polymers and mixtures.