Graduation Colloquia (Defenses)

Interna: Graduation Colloquia at the Institute (complete overview+ announcement form).
All interested parties are cordially invited:

BachelorNils Fiete Nörenberg
02:00 pm
VG 1c, Labor 2.01
Towards EMF Support for OpenEHRSoftware systems engineering
MasterFlorian Rokoh
6:30 pm
Hauptgebäude, Raum 0.17
Analysis and Measurement of Features of 5G-Communication in Medical Environments using Reconfigurable Logic DevicesComputer Engineering
MasterGalo Ernesto Rosero Abad
(Cyber Security)
9:00 am
Evaluation and application of an explanation method on machine learning generated models for attack detectionIT Security
MasterCarlo Bückert
9:00 am
ZHG, Seminarraum 4
Optimierte Platzierung von Beacons zur Lokalisierung in GebäudenProgramming languages and compiler construction
BachelorMoussa Aldali
11:00 am
VG 1C, SR 1
Einsatz von Deskriptoren PHOG und LBP für die automatische Klassifizierung von GemäldenGraphical systems
MasterTom Lorenz
11:30 am
VG 1c, SR 0.01
Integrationstesten von GraphQL mittels Prime-Path AbdeckungSoftware systems engineering
BachelorJessica Brummack
2:00 pm
VG 1c, Raum 1.21 (Lab)
Teaching an Learning with simulations and simulation games with special attention to the lemonade stand game;Internet technology
MasterOlha Korobka
4:00 pm
VG 1c, room 1.21 (Lab)
Evaluation of Tools and Methods of Natural Language Processing for Information Extraction with Python;Internet technology
DoctorateMathias Schubanz, M.Sc.07.07.2023
12.00 Uhr
ZHG, Seminarraum 2
CUSTOM-MADE Scrum   CUSTOMized MAnagement of DEcision - knowledge in Scrum 
MasterOliver Noack
11:00 am
Concept and implementation of a fully automated web crawlerComputer networks and communication systems