Overview of mailing lists at the institute.

Depending on the study program, a student's BTU email address will be added to a mailing list


These lists together constitute the list studenten.informatik[@]

If you belong to the study programs Computer Science, IMT or eBusiness and are not registered on any list, you can be added to the corresponding list (mail to Katrin Ebert). It is of course also possible to change to another list and to unsubscribe from the list (after graduation).

Students must read the respective list regularly. Information written on this list is considered to have been sent to the students. If necessary, students should set up a forwarding mechanism independently

Therefore, only information relevant to teaching should be posted on this list: Specific information related to courses, events related to teaching, announcements of lectures, information about studying abroad, information about student self-administration, ...

For information about internships and job offers (subject-related, not general) the list it-jobs.informatik[@] has been established.

Information not directly related to one of the IT degree programs should not be posted on these lists. This includes information about other courses, sports events, parties, surveys, ...  The relevant mailing list is trash.informatik[@]

If you want to set up a mailing list, please contact mailman[@] (service of the RZ) or Katrin Ebert (VG1C room 2.05, phone 693821).