BTU Guest Student Programme Your Immediate Entry to the BTU

The BTU Guest Student Programme for refugees is an offer for people who are interested in

  • attending courses - especially lectures
  • studying at the BTU at a later date
  • further developing their language skills
  • getting to know new subject areas
  • participating in campus life

You can participate in suitable modules or courses. Formal requirements are not checked, but you should have an interest in the respective topic as well as basic knowledge of the respective teaching language (German or English depending on the module selection).

What does the BTU Guest Student Programme offer?
  • Courses: Attend courses from the regular course catalog. Orient yourself to the Teaching Info Portal.
  • Language learning opportunities: Acquire or improve your language skills in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian or Polish. Get to know the courses offered during your studies as well as the intensive courses offered in the summer semester 2022. First take a placement test to find a suitable language course. Or speak German or English with new people in the language café or in language tandem. For more information, visit the Language Center website.
  • Sports: Each semester, there are about 150 sports courses in about 70 different sports, ranging from endurance sports to game sports and team sports to dance courses and water sports. This variety makes it possible for all guest students to find the right sport as a balance to everyday life. All sports courses are listed on the ZEH homepage.
  • University libraries: Use the extensive offer of the university libraries on the central campus, in Cottbus-Sachsendorf and on the Senftenberg campus.
What happens after my registration?

Once you have registered for the "BTU Guest Student Programme", you can choose from the offers of the BTU.

We will be happy to support you in your choice of courses and offer advice on all questions regarding your start at the BTU. For this purpose, we will contact you directly by e-mail.