Welcome to the BTU!

The BTU supports refugee prospective students, students and academics in their entry into the German study and higher education system. We would like to support you in finding your way into a degree programme or at least in finding out whether studying at the BTU is a suitable perspective for the future.

The offer is aimed at people

  • who had already started studying in their country of origin and had to interrupt their studies,
  • have already obtained a first academic degree
  • were just on the way to acquiring the necessary entrance qualification for studying in Germany and were unable to continue because they had to flee.

We offer counselling and study preparation,

which includes various study-related topics. You can contact us if you have any questions about the degree programmes offered or the admission requirements. We also support you in the application process. If necessary, we will also accompany you to authorities and offices or support you in clarifying open questions with those responsible.