Teaching Events

Currently, members of the chair are organizing different events within the framework of the BSc and MSc Biotechnology:


"Medical Microbiology and Infectiology" (PF in the 6th semester of the BSc Biotechnology)
"Bioanalytics in Research and Diagnostics" (WPF in the 6th semester of the BSc Biotechnologie), lectures are organized by various partners of the research network
"Applied Statistical Bioinformatics" (WPF in the 6th semester of the BSc Biotechnology)
Exam 04082017
"Introduction to Laboratory Diagnostics (PF Lecture 1st Semester MSc Biotechnology)

 Master class:

"Bioanalytics (MSc Biotechnology)
"Laboratory Diagnostics" (MSc Biotechnology)
"Methods in Laboratory Diagnostics.
"Methods in Bioanaltics" (PF Laboratory Course 1st Semester MSc Biotechnology)

As part of the BMBF-funded project "Concept development for initial and continuing training in laboratory diagnostics", a new course of study "Master of Science in Laboratoy Medicine" is currently being developed. The aim of this course is to integrate the methods and technologies developed by the institute into the teaching process and thus give future graduates the chance to enter the world of work.


We are happy to welcome students who would like to do their practical semester, bachelor or master theses with us. There is a wide range of interesting topics: microbiology, cell biology, molecular biology, technology development, basic research (e.g. clarification of bacterial infection mechanisms), applied research (e.g. development of new diagnostics).

Often students can be included in publications due to their performance as co-authors.


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