Current doctorates

  1. Christin Bartlitz "GP2", since 2016
  2. Franziska Dinter "Praemed.Bio", since 2019
  3. Romano Weiss "Praemed.Bio", since 2019
  4. Muhammed Moman Khan "MultiSpecies/Mix Biofilms", since2019
  5. Karina Furie "MultiFruit", since 2021
  6. Sanaz Karimi, Analysis of "OMICS" data using machine learning, computational linguistics and Bioimage Informatics, since 2021
  7. Husnain Azam, Hydrogel bead, NeuroMiR, since 2022

Completed doctorates

1. "Development and evaluation of a multiplexable microparticle-based immunoassay for the improved diagnosis of systemic inflammatory autoimmune diseases" (Dr. Kai Großmann, completed 2012)
2. "Comparative geno- and phenotypic characterization of Escherichia coli from humans, domestic pigs and wildlife" (Dr. Ulrike Frömmel, completed 2013)
3. "Development of a microparticle hydrolysis probe assay for gene expression analysis" (Dr. Stefan Rödiger, completed 2013)
4. "Expression and characterization of pancreatic secretory granule membrane major glycoprotein GP2 of animal origin" (Dr. Rafał Kolenda , completed 2018)
5. "Identification of new antigens for the diagnosis of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases" (Dr. Claudia Deutschmann, completed 2021)
6. "Development of nucleic acid-based diagnostics considering modern signal amplification and rapid prototyping technologies" (Dr. Christoph Jurischka, completed 2022)
7. "Development of a method for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of biofilms using automated fluorescence microscopy" (Dr. Juliane Becker, completed 2023)