The East German Construction Industry Award goes to BTU graduate Florian Schildberg

Under the title HOLZFABRIK BRANDENBURG, Florian Schildberg wrote his master's thesis in the winter semester of 2021/2022 with visiting professor Christina Köchling and studied it in greater depth in the field of building construction and design with Prof. Karl Plastrotmann. He has now received the East German Construction Industry Award for his excellent, innovative work.

The task of the master thesis was to design a future-oriented and sustainable timber building for a wood processing company in the state of Brandenburg. Despite the large forest stock, there are only a few sawmills and wood-processing companies throughout the state. The region thus holds potential for development. On the chosen plot of land at the industrial site in Rüdersdorf, the design is proposed as an expansion of a real company.

In preparation for the task, Florian Schildberg has been working on shell structures made of reinforced concrete, which can span large spans and be designed in a material-saving way due to their shape. Asking whether such shells could be transformed into timber construction, he used an element-based and digitized prefabrication method to design the double-curved timber shell elements of his three-bay facility. The existing hall with a cöllinger vault is complemented by the roof form of the new hall. The canopies to the sides form urban gestures. With a so-called spatial layer of exhibition, refectory and offices, a representative face is formed towards the street. Towards the delivery side, there is a canopy under which intermediate products can be stored. The compact structure of the hall consists of six halls lit from above with different production steps, which are structured with secondary room layers and passages. There are multiple paths and diagonal visual references. The spatial structure is thus flexible, provides a positive working atmosphere and is a project that represents contemporary timber construction.

East German Construction Industry Award

The construction industry in Eastern Germany needs highly qualified and motivated civil engineers and architects who, with new fascinating ideas, see the future as a challenge and an important field of activity. Civil engineers and architects are the driving force and bearers of innovations in the companies and thus an essential prerequisite for success and competitiveness. The award is intended to serve as a role model and incentive for all students and to give impetus to the construction industry. It is awarded annually by the Bauindustrieverband Ost e.V. for diploma and master theses. The "East German Construction Industry Award" comes with prize money of € 2,000.00.


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Interior view of the wooden structure for the hall designed by Florian Schildberg (Photo: BTU Florian Schildberg)
Award of the Construction Prize 2022