Power Engineering
Green meadow with power lines, wind turbines and coal-fired power station in the background
Master of Science (M.Sc.)


The international master’s programme Power Engineering aims to convey knowledge of sustainable energy supply in the European context. The main focus of teaching centres on the concept of safe, affordable and environmentally friendly energy generation as one of the most urgent global challenges of the 21st century. The programme cooperates closely with regional and national energy providers in order to ensure practically oriented training, which should enable students to conduct independent and applied research. The programme covers the entire spectrum of energy research in the field of traditional as well as renewable energies and is highly industry-oriented, with about one third of all lectures and seminars being given by lecturers from industry.

Within the programme Power Engineering we offer two different branches of study:

  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Power Generation from Fossil and Renewable Fuels

Professional Fields of Activity

  • Academic and industrial research and development;
  • Design, manufacture and sales of technical products in the power industry and supply utilities field as well as in the fields of power generation, transmission, distribution and application.
  • Planning and development work in alternative uses of energy resources

Applications and Admissions

Admissions Requirements

  • Bachelor of Science in Power Engineering (electrical or thermal) or related engineering fields (or equivalent).
  • Very good knowledge in basic areas of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Basics in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, as well as to subject-specific knowledge in the areas of Electrical or Thermal Power Engineering.
  • Very good knowledge in
    • Electrical Power Engineering, Electrical Machines, Drive Systems, Power Electronics, High Voltage Engineering, Grid Calculation – in case a student wants to specialize in "Electrical Power Engineering"
    • Thermodynamics, Thermal Power Engineering, Power Plant Technology, Heat Transfer, Renewable Energies – in case a student wants to specialize in "Power Generation from Fossil and Renewable Fuels".
  • Certificate of proficiency in English as described in the language requirements. (Only valid certificates are recognised, we don't accept "medium of instruction certificates" and any kind of expired tests.)
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