Power Engineering –
Education in Sustainable Energy Supply in a European Context

The development of durable concepts for safe, affordable and environmentally sound energy production is one of the most urgent, global challenges confronting humanity in the 21st century. It is inseparable from critical issues of environmental protection and sustainable development. Together with the management and supply of fuel and heat, the provision of secure electrical energy is a central problem in today's world.

The creation of key technologies through innovation as well as the creation of knowledge through research and education is decisive in a global market. It has been highlighted by the European Commissioner for Science and Research, that it will be necessary to develop strong regional poles of research, innovation and education, which are intensively linked to regional as well as to global economic aspects.

The PE MSc course focuses on these key issues. Its close link to the regional energy industry is an essential part of the programme in order to ensure quality research taking into account the needs of industry today.

Traditional as well as renewable energies and their related industries have for a long time been a European stronghold. Now however, they face severe competition from emerging markets. Since the start of liberalisation of the European energy market, industry has become very dynamic and has in some regions formed energy clusters of distinct economic relevance. In order to ensure further European prevalence in the field of energy research and innovation, the Masters course Power Engineering (PE) will cover the entire spectrum of energy research through cooperation with a global network of high ranking universities and strong industrial enterprises.

The intention of the PE-master is to establish a superior European programme of graduate education, to train and develop a network of experts which extends from Europe to the emerging energy markets throughout the world. Finally, the programme will establish a connection between universities and industry which will not only open career opportunities to our graduates, but will also contribute to reaching the EU goal of boosting the competitiveness of European economies.

The programme will be offered at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. A worldwide network of universities and industrial partners will support the PE Masters course. The language of instruction is English. The duration of the programme is four semesters. It is also possible to obtain the Double Degree Master of Science certificate, should the student choose to apply for Double Degree Programme.

Up to 50 national and international students will be admitted each year. A Bachelor's degree in Power Engineering (electrical/thermal etc.) or a related engineering discipline is the main admission criterion.

In total the PE Master is designed to create a strong European expertise in the field of power engineering. This will be achieved by:

  • attaining and generating knowledge through research;
  • disseminating knowledge through education and training;
  • applying knowledge to promote innovation;

Start and Duration of the Programme, Degree

The Master's programme "Power Engineering" will start at the beginning of the Winter semester (first half of October each year). The duration of the programme is 4 semesters (2 years) in total.

After successful completion of the programme a degree "Master of Science" (M.Sc.) in Power Engineering will be granted.

Tuition Fees

Masters programme „Power Engineering“ charges no tuition fees. This regulation applies to national as well as to international students.

For the current registration and administration fee please check the "Home" tab. It may slightly change every semester. This fee also covers the so-called “Semester Ticket” which provides free public transport for 6 months in the city of Cottbus, the federal state of Brandenburg, the city of Berlin and the direct railway connection from Cottbus to Dresden.

Services Offered by the BTU as Host University

International Relations Office: Information for Prospective Students

International Relations Office: Opportunities for International Students

Bureau of International Studies

Language Center

Future Employment, Job Market Perspectives

The study programme enables graduates to work in the areas of university and industrial research and development, as well as design, manufacturing and sales of technical products. Graduates of the programme work as engineers, supervisors or managers in the power industry and supply utilities field, as well as in the fields of power generation, transmission, distribution and application. They develop concepts and strategies for new product lines in the technical infrastructure. Planning and development work in alternative energy resources are further options of employment for graduates in the Masters programme Power Engineering.

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