Individual Doctorate

At the beginning of their doctoral studies, students must first choose a dissertation topic as well as one or more supervisors who are able to offer subject-related, methodical and organisational support during the entire duration of the project. The choice of subject and supervisor should ideally go hand in hand.

If you decide to choose a topic which is represented by a professor for application orientated study courses here at BTU it may, in certain circumstances, be necessary to find a second university lecturer in university study courses as an additional supervisor. Your chosen supervisor or respective faculty can offer further information on this.

As soon as you have received confirmation of supervision for your doctoral studies, although at the latest when applying for admission as a doctoral candidate, you will complete a written doctoral agreement with your supervisor in which you individually agree on the content and structure of the supervision relationship. A doctoral agreement form with the minimum content is available for you to download.

At the start of your doctoral studies you must apply to your respective faculty for acceptance as a doctoral candidate. The doctoral phase begins on the day of your acceptance as a doctoral candidate. For details on the documents which must be enclosed with this application, please see your faculty’s doctoral regulations:

Faculty 1

Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Dr.-Ing. Inna Spivak
T +49 (0)355 69 3970

Faculty 2

Environment and Natural Sciences

Dr.-Ing. Dagmar Stephan
T +49 (0)355 69 2217

Faculty 3

Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Energy Systems
Dr.-Ing. Bettina Ketzmerick
T +49 (0)355 69 4217

Faculty 4

Social Work, Health Care and Music
Gabriele Weineck
T +49 (0)3573 85 706

Faculty 5

Business, Law and Social Science

Dr. rer. soc. Beatrice Schimmang
T +49 (0)355 69 2968

Faculty 6

Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning
Diana Zeitschel
T +49 (0)355 69 4209

Faculty for Health Science

Charlotte Walter
T +49 (0)3391 39 14108