Regeration Proccesses of Ageing - REGproAGE

Due to the demographic development, Lusatia has a unique potential in health research, especially concerning the increasingly ageing population. Brandenburg, a region with a large surface area, has a need to recognise the medical problems of an ageing population structure (e.g. cell and tissue degradation, incompatibilities with multi medication). The objective is to analyse the needs scientifically and to solve them with innovative ideas and evidence-based approaches. The cluster will address the problems of an ageing population with cell-based approaches (e.g. patient-specific cell therapy of osteoarthritis), polypharmacological test systems (e.g. investigation of active substances on liver cells, etc. in the bioreactor system), and the development of automated, multiparametric diagnostic procedures and data sciences (e.g. machine learning with patient data and biological samples). Thus, the cluster's focus is to understand cellular mechanisms that can improve personalised medicine. The focus here is on regenerative treatment methods and the development of individualised in vitro drug tests as a new "FUNCTIONOMICS" platform.