In the end, they were happy: students from the university sports swimming course can now swim. The "test" took place in the last lesson of the course:

  • a jump into deep water,
  • swimming 25 meters without a break in breaststroke,
  • diving in deep water and retrieving an object from a depth of 1.90 meters.

Now it's time for the students to consolidate what they've learned and further improve their fitness and swimming technique. The BTU's learn-to-swim courses are particularly popular with our international students, as it is immensely important to be able to swim in order to be able to spend their free time safely with others, given the many opportunities to spend the summer by the water.

The learn-to-swim courses start again with the summer semester. There are 3 of these courses. They are in very high demand and the waiting list is always full.

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