Project Management in Sport

Suspended in the summer semester 2022

Module: Project Management in Sport:
Module number: 41-1-12
Number: 520206
Type of event: Seminar

Teaching language: German
Duration: 1 Semester
Course frequency: every semester
Credits: 6

Registrations will only be accepted until
the second week of the semester. 
Module registrations are to be sent to:

The registration for module 41-1-12 (Project Management in Sport) takes place through the examination office.

Theory: Basic instructor training

Transfer and broadening of knowledge regarding the basics of training theory, sports methodology and didactics, sports medicine and sports psychology, sports sociology, nutrition and sports administration and club law. 


Catharina Buchenau, ZEH 
(Those interested should direct their questions concerning the practical section to buchenau(at)

Dirk Brade, ZEH 
(Those interested should direct their questions concerning the practical section to brade(at)

Practice: Accompanying training
Assumption of tasks for the planning, organisation, execution and follow-up of a sports event (various events possible, see below: contents)

Degree course: Interdisciplinary 

Recommended requirements: Good knowledge of written and spoken German

Forms of teaching and workload:
- Seminar / 4 hours per week per semester 
- Self-study / 60 hours 

Teaching materials and references: Lecture notes (subject to fees)

Module examination: Continuous assessment (MCA)

Weighted coursework for module examination: 

- Completion of basic training - written exam, 60 min. (50%)
- Realisation of a sports event - course work (50%)

Evaluation of the module examination: Graded examination performance



•    Communication skills, presentation and teaching;
•    Teaching of the competition organisation of association and club work;
•    Teaching of pedagogical and psychological basics;
•    Teaching of the fundamentals of sport law;
•    Teaching of biological-medical, sport physiological and methodical basics


•    Contextual and organisational planning of the event;
•    Project-related event management;
•    Economic calculation, financing, sponsoring, marketing and public relations;
•    Composition and guidance of a team;
•    Realisation of a sports event;
•    Follow-up and documentation of the event.