Acro Yoga workshop - for everyone - in the main campus sports hall

In the end, all participants and the team of officers from Hamburg were in agreement:

Everyone who wasn't there had missed something.

They missed the experience that it is not difficult to be courageous, that it is enriching and inspiring to first try out acrobatic sports with others, then to relax and finally to listen to yourself, experience the silence and let go. They missed the good feeling of being supported and carried in the community, but also of being supported.

In short, the "Acro Yoga_ for all" workshop was a successful event that definitely needs to be repeated in this form. The mixture of partner acrobatics, in which even the most delicate people were able to lift those who were a little stronger or taller into the flying or star position, amazed almost everyone and, above all, made them surpass themselves. The subsequent Thai massage and the short introductory sequence to meditation rounded off the morning wonderfully.

University Sport would like to thank the Center Of Gravity team for the successful workshop.

Spreewald Floorball Cup on 13.01.2024

At the Spreewälder Floorball Cup on 13.01.24, we as a team had an exciting day full of thrilling games and great experiences! In the first match, we faced the "Spreewälder Löwen" and showed an impressive performance with a clear 7:2 victory. That was definitely a promising start! In the second match against TSV Rangsdorf, we really got down to business physically and although it was a hard-fought match, we were narrowly beaten 5:6. Nevertheless, we gave it our all and delivered a thrilling game. We were able to celebrate a convincing 9:1 victory against the Eberswalder Scorpions. Our offense and defense harmonized perfectly, and that was reflected in the result. In the last match against the "Floorbären Berlin" we once again showed what we are made of and won the game 3:1. The good teamwork paid off and we could be proud of our performance. In addition to the games, we also had a lot of fun off the field and were able to develop many new ideas as a team for the development of floorball in Cottbus. It was not only a successful tournament day, but also an inspiring opportunity to shape the future of our team and the sport in our region. We look forward to more adventures and challenges on the pitch!

Review of the St. Nicholas Volleyball Tournament 08. & 09.12.2023

Dear volleyball fans,

Thank you very much for your participation in the last Nikolausturnier! It was a rousing two-day event that was an unforgettable experience thanks to your passion and enthusiasm. Your sporting dedication turned the pitch into a focal point of enthusiasm! Your team spirit and fair play are true role models for the volleyball community. Below are the rankings of the individual teams:

Results of the night tournament on 08.12.2023 (for student & recreational teams)

  1. Bazinga (8 wins, 213 points)
  2. We still have to think about it (7 wins, 177 points)
  3. Tannenbau Tacticians (4 wins, 1 draw, 179 points)
  4. BTU Spartans (4 wins, 1 draw, 145 points)
  5. Johanns Weihnachtselfen (4 wins, 170 points)
  6. Knecht Pritsch-Schlecht (4 wins, 159 points)
  7. Snowballs (1 win, 1 draw, 148 points)
  8. The Blockbusters, a red-hot troupe (1 win, 1 draw, 142 points)
  9. Capybara (1 win, 149 points)

Results of the Nikolausturnier on 09.12.2023 (for school, youth & student teams)

  1. Johann's Christmas Elves (6 wins, 190 points)
  2. Tannenbaum Tacticians (6 wins, 186 points)
  3. Participation only at net height (5 wins, 165 points)
  4. BTU Spartans (4 wins, 164 points)
  5. Net-Ninjas (2 wins, 112 points)
  6. Spreespringer (1 win, 103 points)
  7. Döner Box (0 wins, 88 points)
  8. Lucky Dice (4 wins, 154 points, participation out of competition)

A big thank you goes to all the players, organizers, helpers and loyal fans. Special thanks go to our sponsors, whose support made this tournament possible in the first place:

Table tennis championship 2023

This year's tournament was won by Jonaed Bin Mustafa Kamal, a BTU employee.

The victory was preceded by a fun-filled tournament with ambitious players. Students, staff members and guests from the table tennis courses at both Cottbus and Senftenberg campuses competed to crown their champion in the knockout rounds and finals. Course director Sandip was responsible for organizing the tournament.The top three finishers went home happy on Sunday evening with medals, certificates and a voucher from the "Mosquito" restaurant in Cottbus. The only downer was that there were no women from among the course participants who took part in the tournament.

A big thank you goes to Sandip for organizing the tournament this year.

BTU Cottbus- Senftenberg successful in 24-hour swim

The 24-hour swim in the Cottbus lagoon, organized by the DLRG Cottbus, once again registered over 1,000 participants. Including 14 athletes who had entered BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg on their scorecards. In the end, all participants swam more than 4,700 kilometers in these 24 hours. BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg was able to take 3rd place in two categories:

  • Company classification (with the best average of all participants), 14 participants swam an average of 4.48 km.
  • Baltic Sea Cup company classification (with the most meters swum in the total distance), a total distance of 62.8 kilometers was completed here.

Congratulations to all starters and thank you for your sporting commitment.

The BTU CS university sports team